Using Social Media to Promote Your Event

These days, many people are beginning to understand the potential use of social media to create event buzz. Whether the occasion is large or small, it can be enhanced tremendously through Social Media.

Posting event information on SM sites is simply the 1st step. The real power comes from the sharing opportunities. How many friends do you on FB? Over 10? Over 100? Keeping the numbers easy, let’s say there are 10 committee members posting to their FB pages x 100 friends = 1,000 sets of eyes seeing something about your event.

Social media allows planners and the organizations sponsoring the events the opportunity to have long-term interactions with the attendees well in advance. Events have become much more exciting and part of that excitement is the anticipation or buzz that starts to build around the event long before it ever takes place.

There are things you can do to leverage your SM promotion like using photos, videos and relevant links in the post instead of just text. It also increases the impact if it’s of interest to one of your friends and they repost to their network. It’s no longer a matter of 2 friends who tells 2 friends… There really is no limit to the power of Social Media to promote your event.

A few of the unlimited number of Social Media sites being used to promote events:

o Facebook event pages
o LinkedIn – We ask our staff to create a LI profile. This helps our company spread our message and it’s a great online resume for them. You can post status updates about events or other projects you’re working on, similar to Twitter. You can also send formal event invitations to your contacts on LinkedIn.
o – Eventbrite allows you to sell tickets, if that is something that
you want to do
o Twitter – use hashtags to make it easier for people to find people talking about your event
o Committee and attendees spreading the word on their SM sites!

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