Government Affairs Advocacy

Comprehensive Approach to Advocacy
ABS integrates advocacy, public relations, communications and coalition building to advance organizations’ legislative goals. We combine traditional, digital and social media campaigns to help shape policy, amplify client messages, and promote a unified narrative to policymakers, opinion leaders, the media and other key stakeholders. Not only is this comprehensive approach effective in achieving policy objectives, but it also helps elevates the organizations’ value to its members and the public as a whole.

Our bipartisan government relations team has extensive knowledge of complex legislative and regulatory issues, particularly in the areas of health and community development. ABS prides itself in working collaboratively with clients to help them create strategic policy agendas, while also giving them the tools to quickly address legislative and regulatory issues as they arise. We have extensive experience in managing all elements of outreach from alliance and coalition building to thought leadership and content development. ABS enjoys long-established working relationships with key government officials at the federal, state and local levels that provide clients with important access and impact.

Our job: Connect the complex proverbial dots for our clients, prepare our clients for any situation, any challenge and insist on providing accurate, relevant and credible information to elected officials and other decision-makers on behalf of our clients.