Trenton Digital Initiative Looking for Used Computer Donations

tdi-logoThe Trenton Digital Initiative is a volunteer effort established to help under privileged residents of Trenton. Our plan is simple: provide free home computers to families below the poverty line, and connect to the Internet under a special Comcast plan called Internet Essentials that provides Internet access.

Mercer Street Friends is helping this initiative by being a collecting point, coordinating volunteers and distributing computer through various programs.

Trenton Rotarians Glenn Paul and Dave Breidinger got the initiative off the ground a couple years ago. Glenn found software/operating system that miraculously brings computers back to life and helped deliver the first computers to families in their homes in Trenton. Dave put together an inexpensive internet package through Comcast.

The Technology/Education committee of the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce has taken on the challenge of helping to collect, prepare and distribute 50 computers for Mercer Street Friends use in their Trenton Digital Initiative.  MIDJersey Chamber press release

Three organizations who are collecting donated computers: