To Blog or not to Blog: Part 4 – They say, “Everyone has at least one blog in them.”

We’ve finally rounded the corner and we’re in the home stretch. We’ve gone from blogging? to blogging! In fact, given today’s business climate and consumption of information, blogging is an ideal medium. Now comes the fun part – we just need something to write about.

“What’s that? Now comes the hard part?”

No, now comes the fun part. Remember (from Part 2) the theme of the moment is sharing. It’s not about what you know. Or about rattling off some list of examples of why you’re the best. It’s about being on the other end and receiving something that adds value to your life. For example, this article. I’m trying to share with you my passion for blogging, as well as why I believe it should be your passion too. Would anyone really care if I talked about what a great blogger I am? See?

So with that context in mind, let’s just keep it simple and we’ll all agree that
there must be at least one thing in the course of a given week that at least
some of your followers would also be interested in.

  • Maybe you attended an event? You could share some details and ideally some photos too.
  • Maybe you saw the advertisement for a particular movie, TV program, lecture or seminar? Let them know about the what and the when, and of course a bit on why you think they might enjoy such a moment.
  • Maybe you just finished a great book (or a video on YouTube) that is relevant to your business and the interests of your target market? Share your experience and possibly throw in a couple links to other relevant media and/or articles.

The truth is, when you keep your eyes and ears open and your radar on, the
possibilities of what to share soon become endless. Just always be sure to try to keep it relevant. Convey your passion but don’t lose sight of the receiver’s wants and needs.

“Ok. I’m sure if I tried I could initiate a conversation with my audience. But…”

Stop! I know where you’re going next. At this point it’s about time and/or
writing ability, correct? Please pardon me a moment while I shift into soft sell mode. If you’ve made it this far (i.e., you too believe in the idea of blogging) then relax, there are viable solutions available to you.

There are plenty of communications and public relationships outfits who will be glad to work with you. A perfect example would be ABS. Blogging is a natural extension of their other written-word based services. For ease as well as the sake of consistency you could have blogging added to your current package of services. And if you don’t have a relationship with ABS (or similar) then it’s probably time to establish such a relationship. If you don’t have a blog and don’t know where to start they can help make that happen for you. Of course, if you’d rather, you can reach out to me as well.

“That’s great. I was really worried about the actual writing part. Thanks!”

Glad I could help. The bottom line is to get the ball in play, get things
rolling. You don’t have to be Shakespeare, or Tolstoy. And you’re certainly not writing, “War And Peace.” Once you get started – either solo, or with support – you can grow and progress, or just kinda meander along. The pace and tone is entirely up to you. Quite often your audience will give you feedback so you can modify your game plan as you go. And of course, if you’re using a professional for support they will be able to provide guidance as well.

There’s one more part to this series, Part 5, and then I’m done (for now). If
you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact ABS, or
myself, and we’d be glad to help you get your blogging ball rolling.


Mark Simchock
Chief Alchemist
Alchemy United