Three Member Strategies Organizations Can’t (or Shouldn’t) Live Without

Let’s face it.  Times are tough.  Countless talented people downsized from their companies are seeking work but it’s harder to “land” at the larger companies as even these firms hold their collective breath.

Last year, many entrepreneurs were trading in their businesses to take positions at companies with secure paychecks and benefit packages.  But these safety nets are shrinking.

Many people in transition have now turned back to entrepreneurship and freelancing.  Small businesses employ more than 90% of NJ’s workforce.

Operating a business in today’s economy is not for the faint of heart.  With employees and families depending on the success, these business owners can use a helping hand.

Why can’t your Chamber or Association provide that helping hand to those businesses?

1.  Membership Packages that Deliver!
Identify the benefits and services that will actually help your members thrive during these challenging times.  This should involve a thorough examination of what you’re offering now and what should be modified or created new.

There should be no “sacred cows” in this process.  Drop that annual event that consumes an insane amount of resources … and that will never achieve any of the organization’s goals no matter how much you rework it.

Even working with one industry, you will still need to segment your offerings.  The start-up firm will need different assistance than the 2nd-generation company.  But you have technological tools to make that a much easier and less costly proposition.

2. Connect with Your Members.
Make it easy to connect members with your services and each other.

If you have a program that will absolutely help a segment of members, visit their offices (if geographically feasible) or set up a webinar to walk them through it.  Establish a video conference “hot-line” with the President to discuss a key issue.  Introduce them to supplier network.  Generate new ideas in regular brainstorming sessions.

Bottom line:  programs that increase your members’ business or save them money are only of value if utilized!

3.  Build a Sales Force of Thousands!
Do you think you help your members?  If the answer is yes, why wouldn’t your members want to tell their friends and colleagues about your Chamber or Association?  Why not increase your “sales” force from in-house staff to thousands?

Create Ambassadors out of your staff, Board and members!

We are all uniquely qualified to bring value to our clients and members.  Contact ABS if you need any assistance with your member programs. (609) 392-3800.