The Trenton Club Donates Artifacts and Archives to the Trentoniana Collection

January 11, 2013

Karla Pollack,

The Trenton Club to preserve and honor City of Trenton history

Trenton, NJ – With the recent sale of its building at 479 West State Street, the doors of the 128-year old Trenton Club may be closing, but its legacy and rich history will live on at the Trenton Public Library.  The officers of the Trenton Club are pleased to pass along the Club’s historical documents and memorabilia to the Trenton Public Library’s Trentoniana Collection, as a means of preserving the Club’s rich heritage and its pivotal role in the City’s social and economic fabric.

The phrase “Trenton Makes the World Takes” was first used during an era when Trenton’s mills and factories supplied the world with goods as varied as steel cable and fine porcelain. During that heyday, many of the owners and executives of those Trenton firms relaxed over meals at the Trenton Institution known as the Trenton Club, the 1st City Club in the Tri-State region.

With its membership of prominent movers, shakers, and policy makers, the Trenton Club played an integral role in the development of the Capital City for more than a century, hosting high-profile events, lively discussions, and intimate dinner receptions.

“Closing the Trenton Club was one of the saddest tasks we had to do, but we’re honored to have our history preserved in the Trentoniana room.  People will have access to this extraordinary piece of Trenton history for years to come,” said long term Trenton Club Board of Governors members Tony Carabelli, Jim Rose, Carl Carabelli and Bob Lande.

The organization’s donation of its memorabilia to the Trentoniana collection is an act of stewardship to the City of Trenton. Some of the donated items include membership rosters, trophies, squash board winners, photos, and other artifacts.


About the Trenton Club

The Trenton Club was founded in 1884 as the Trenton Bicycle Club. It evolved over the years into an exclusive, yet diverse, group. The Club’s headquarters moved over the years to several locations in the city of Trenton including a lecture room at the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the Old Arcade Building on East Hanover, and several buildings on West State Street.  In 1966, National Squash Tournaments were hosted at 479 West State Street with tournament players from around the world. The Trenton Club was the first city club in New Jersey to admit women and had no restrictions regarding race or religion.

About the Trentoniana Collection

Trentoniana contains an enormous ensemble of local history, including genealogy, photographs, manuscripts, trade cards, letters, postcards, diaries, and maps that help researchers explore Trenton’s past.  Some of the items in the collection date back to the 1770s.  It is housed in the main branch of the Trenton Free Public Library on Academy Street.

Left to right: Wendi Nardi of the Trenton Library's Trentoniana Collection; Tony Carabelli and Jim Rose, representing the Trenton Club Board of Governors
Left to right: Jim Rose, Trenton Club Board of Governor; Wendi Nardi of the Trenton Library's Trentoniana Collection; Tony Carabelli, Trenton Club Board of Governors