The Times Holiday Appeal Benefits the Rescue Mission

I serve on the Board of the Rescue Mission of Trenton and see the great work they do firsthand.

The Rescue Mission has a unique opportunity in the next few weeks through the Times Holiday Appeal. They can  earn matching grants of up to $40,000 through Hutchinson Industries and a few other corporations. A donation in ANY amount helps them reach that. The actual donor form info is below (no online available for this).

Thanks for listening and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Karla Pollack

The Times Holiday Appeal –
November 24, 2010
Rescue Mission has many success stories
Wednesday, November 24, 2010SPECIAL TO THE TIMES
The Rescue Mission of Trenton, the recipient of this year’s Times Holiday Appeal, is dedicated to remaking and reshaping lives. The mission can cite dozens of individuals who have sunk to the depths of despair from their addictions but are now productive members of society.

Alvin Ruiz is a graduate of a local Catholic grammar school. He attended prep school until he was in 8th grade and graduated from a prestigious local Catholic high school.