Social Media for Pre-Event Planning & Collaboration

One of the difficult logistical aspects of planning an event with a large number of people working from different locations is organizing everyone. Email addresses must be managed and all the decisions, contracts and communication threads need to be tracked. A few Social Media tools help with this process!  

  • Private Facebook & LinkedIn Groups – great for personal events like reunions, birthdays and showers.
  • – on a more enterprise level. It has none of the ads and other distractions that you findon Facebook. Yammer allows you to organize & archive by topic or project. You can schedule meetings, post documents, throw questions out there.  This is geared toward large intercompany collaboration. Or say you have a client you’re coordinating a 25th Anniversary Gala. You can set up a joint Yammer event network between your Yammer network and the company’s network. You can then have specific people organized into, silent auction committee, awards committee…
  • – Allows you to “drag & drop” large files and invite others to access from any computer or mobile phone. For example, you could put all your sponsor logos and high rez photos in folder for the committee and brochure designer.

Please share tools you use!