Organizations Gain Competitive Edge with Municipal Monitoring

Over the last 10 years, many issues that were once handled at the state level have been shifted to local government. Keeping your members and clients up-to-date on local happenings is vital to any regional organization. Timely and relevant information can make a huge impact on business decisions. Association Business Solutions (ABS) has developed The Municipal Monitor, a valuable tool that can be tailored for your Association, Chamber or company.

ABS researches and writes a quick and easy-to-read municipal update to give your members timely information on what’s going on in the district governments where they operate. Whether it is passage of a new law that affects business transactions or government plans for a major redevelopment project that could impact the local market, ABS will report on it to help keep your constituents better informed.

In addition to the newsletter, ABS can provide a menu of other related services focusing on municipal concerns for your members:

• Providing your organization unified representation on any major issue affecting the constituents

• Working with your legislative committee to coordinate municipal outreach with state and federal efforts

• Serving as a point of contact for members who want additional information on a particular issue. Members call us directly for research and follow-up.

• Promoting members’ views on proposed and/or enacted municipal ordinances to local officials

• Facilitating meetings between members and municipal and/or county officials on various issues of concern

• Surveying members to ensure focus on municipal issues of greatest concern

• Representing members at various county and local meetings and functions

• Supplying background information of each municipality for your website

• Monitoring, reviewing, and/or analyzing local legislation and regulations

Contact ABS to develop a customized program for your organization.