Op-Ed piece on Unfair tax-code changes target global corporations

Dear Editor,

I read “Unfair tax-code changes target global corporations” in the June 17th edition of the Trenton Times and agree with the author’s belief that American companies, especially those competing on a global scale in the 21st century cannot be burdened with another tax liability that would arise if the Federal Government eliminates the deferral system.

As the Founder and Principal of the Association Business Solutions, based in Trenton, I help many professional and trade associations with a variety of management and administrative solutions. These services include such things as communications, social media, financial management, government affairs, public relations and web/database design. We provide the type of outsourcing that many professional and trade associations need when they cannot afford to increase their overhead by hiring internal staff.

I agree with the Commerce and Industry Association that in our current economic climate, our government needs to encourage our companies to grow and not tax them further on their revenue overseas, which will lead to higher costs of goods and services here in the U.S. and ultimately more job loss for multi-national companies and associations headquartered in New Jersey and other states in the U.S.

-Paula Hartman, Founder and Principal of Association Business Solutions

The Trenton Times – July 8, 2009