NJAHHP Board Member Interviewed for Star-Ledger Article


Leslie Herman (2nd from the left) and team from the Summit Hearing Aid Center

NJAHHP Board member Leslie Herman was interviewed for this Star-Ledger article. ABS has been working with the NJ Association of Hearing Health Professionals for a few years now and are impressed with the compassionate and forward-thinking way members adopt the latest technology to treat patients.

As the world gets noisier, more people need the help of hearing aids

By Susan Bloom | For The Star-Ledger

For some, the term ‘hearing aid’ used to evoke for an image of an elderly figure connected to a large, unsightly device. These days, however, due to advances in technology and more thoughful attention to form and function, hearing aids deliver much higher-quality sound while barely visible. …

The quality and breadth of today’s hearing technology enables practitioners to reconnect their patients to their loved ones and the environment around them, noted Leslie Herman, Doctor of Audiology at Summit Hearing Aid Center in Summit.

“We hear with our brain, not our ears – the brain is where sound is converted to information and gives speech meaning,” she said.

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