Managing Social Networking Sites – First Impressions Count

Everyone has done it – What do you see when you search the Internet for your name or brand? It’s bad enough if a Search Engine shows no exact matches – and worse yet if the lead match refers to something you’d prefer not be an icebreaker with a potential client. Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become a critically important factor in a brave new world of communication and information mining.

You never know when a business contact is going to form an impression that will impact your professional life or your client’s bottom line. The need to be proactive has never been greater. Most Social Networking Sites will post anything – whether or not it can be substantiated. It is very important to learn how to manage the message that is being sent to the world; perception is reality.

The number of Social Networking Sites continues to explode on the Internet. Did you know that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are just three out of 350 sites (and counting) on the Internet that people use daily to get connected and share information?

It’s impossible to eliminate negative coverage once posted on the internet. But you can use ORM techniques to ensure that the right message appears on the 1st search results page… and bury negative and misleading stories by pushing them down to page five or further!

Whether its creating profiles on sites or posting new messages and blogs, ABS offers a full range of Social Media Communication and Online Reputation Management Services that can help you beat out your competition by enhancing your online presence and managing the information out there on your company.  Contact ABS to learn more about this important PR tool.