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A New Author Delivers a Humorous Journey of Awareness

Philadelphia, PA, November 12, 2009 – For C. Alease (age 55) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the love of writing and the dream of publishing her own fictional novel were constants in her life. The problem was her hectic life of balancing work, school and family always seemed to get in the way of her plans to do it—-until now.  It isn’t that her responsibilities are less today—she works full-time as an IT Manager in Trenton NJ, an active member of three national honor societies, has a busy family life and just finished up her B.S. last year with a 3.9 GPA.  What’s changed is she realized she made time for everything else in her life besides her passion to write.

It’s this self awareness that gave Ms. Alease the focus to finally channel her creativity and write her first novel called The Gatekeeper.  Published by BumbleBee and available on Amazon.com, the protagonist of the story is a woman who suffers from dissociative personality disorder to protect her from her childhood. The novel explores her decision to go into therapy and slowly unlocks the truth that shaped her vast and conflicting personalities. By delving into the past, the main character is brought to reality and must come to terms with the secrets her mind chooses to forget.

The novel is an insightful and humorous journey of self-preservation and actualization, where readers are drawn closer to the truth in their own lives by gaining a better understanding of how their own experiences are catalysts for their behavior.  Our protagonist’s complex personalities take the reader through a literary odyssey to emerge with greater clarity and understanding of their own lives.

“The Gatekeeper’s plot twist was a shocker that I didn’t see coming! The book’s unique combination of heartbreak, intrigue, humor and self consciousness made it a page turner that I couldn’t put down.  It hit a personal nerve and made me think how I would handle the main character’s plight if her experiences happened to me…the author should be congratulated on a great job!”

—Monica O’Rourke, Editor

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