Finding Relevant Blog Content (It’s easier than you think!)

By:Brittany Hollman

Blogs are becoming more and more a culture of today’s online society.  Most people you meet will have most likely read a blog or have one themselves.  The great thing about blogs is that you can literally blog about anything.  But to craft a great blog it takes a lot more than just writing about random topics.  You must know ahead of time what key words to use within your blog and which subjects will be most useful and interesting to your target audience.  For example, if you are working for a large non-profit you probably shouldn’t be blogging about the latest car gadgets.  People who are reading non-profit blogs probably won’t find that as interesting as a blog about fundraising strategies.

Blog content is easier to find than we think.  It could be something that’s right in front of us but something we have not considered.  This is why brainstorming with a group of people is important.  Also browsing other people’s blogs can be helpful; not to steal their ideas but just to see how they are targeted to their audiences.  This is all part of the research step which is required if you’re ever going to make an educated blog posting.

Because many blogs are such a popular medium for getting information, it is important for your company to have fresh topics and ideas and to make the blogs interactive as well (including links, pictures, and videos).  You want to keep prospective customers returning to your blog on a regular basis.  This is part of your “inbound marketing” strategies to engage your audience.

Short on time or staff?  If your company needs help keeping up with the blogging scene, that’s where companies like ABS come in.  We can help keep your blog as current as possible and at the same time give you some great and relevant content.

Three of the many sources that can help you find some great blogging content related to your profession are:

1. LinkedIn the LinkedIn Today section contains the most widely shared news that is happening within your industry or other industries that you can personally customize.

2. Google Reader:  this lets you subscribe to millions of RSS feeds to keep you up to date with current happenings and news within your interests.

And last but not least….

3. Yourself:  look no farther than your own thoughts. Things that you are doing for your company can be potentially helpful to audiences all over the web.  Whether it’s an event you are planning for a client or a new tool you’re using, great blogging ideas can be right in front of you.