Dropbox… The Invisible Flash Drive (video)


by Brittany Hollman
ABS Intern

Have you ever wanted to access your files on any computer without the hassle of using a USB device or even the long process of emailing them to yourself? During our hectic days we need something to simplify our lives. So what if there is a program to keep all our files in one place without having to use any other excess technology?

That’s where Dropbox comes in. It is a tool that uses something called cloud computing to let users access, store, and share files with others across the internet using a tool called file synchronization. Started up in 2007 Dropbox has now become something that more and more internet users are becoming familiar with. It is a free service but has payment options if you’re looking for a larger amount of storage space. The 2GB they give you though it more than enough to hold a fair amount of pictures, documents, music, and more. It’s like having an invisible USB port. All you need is your log in information and you can get you files anywhere that has internet access.

Some key reasons Dropbox can help you and your business are:

  • The share folder option which allows you to share files with friends and co-workers. So every time a file is modified and saved it will sync in all of the other peoples folders in the shared group as well.
  • They have space options to fit whatever business needs you might have. It helps if your company is global and you are working with people in another country. So you can all access the same files.
  • You can get the Dropbox app on your smartphone so then you can also access your files on the go.
  • It’s a great back up tool. If you don’t have money to invest in a hard drive this is something that can be used to keep everything backed up in case your computer crashes.
  • The Dropbox folders are organized just as on your computer, making group collaboration very easy.

Dropbox is something that everyone should try especially if they are running a business or working in teams. There are many new options out there but Dropbox has become a proven tool. The program now has over 25 million users. Apple Corporation soon will be coming out with something similar called the iCloud which has a lot of the same capabilities as Dropbox does. However the iCloud can only be used on Mac products whereas the Dropbox has compatibilities on Windows and Macs alike.

And if you were wondering about security, Dropbox is safe too. All the files you upload cannot be viewed by anyone else unless stored in the public folder or you invite them. Dropbox uses the same security that banks and the military do. Plus all your files are automatically encrypted once downloaded. Also Dropbox uses Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) for storing your files, which has a very secure policy of its own.

Check out the brief video: