Devereux New Jersey Hosts Assembly Minority Leader

ABS Senior Vice President Libby Vinson organized a site visit with Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald in the Devereux New Jersey Cherry Hill Office. Stephen Bruce, Acting Executive Director, and Nicole O’Neal, Assistant Executive Director, hosted the meeting.

Assemblyman Greenwald met with Devereux staff, family members and clients to discuss challenges and possible policy solutions to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities living in communities across New Jersey.

About Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health New Jersey

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health New Jersey touches the lives of nearly 500 children, adolescents and adults, and their families, across the state. Individuals with emotional, behavioral and cognitive disabilities, including autism, are served through a broad spectrum of treatment settings, including community-based homes and supported apartments, vocational training programs, family care homes, and consulting services.