Celebrant Foundation & Institute Publishes Life-Cycle Ceremonies Handbook

The Life-Cycle Ceremonies Handbook was recently published by ABS client Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I).  The following News Release provides additional background and how to purchase a copy.



Charlotte Eulette, International Director
Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I)
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Sheri Reda, Author
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Life-Cycle Ceremonies:
A Handbook for Your Whole Life

In our fast-paced lives, many of us don’t “stop and smell the roses.” When we do take the time, though, we honor that which makes us magnificently human. Stopping to smell the roses can offer you a bouquet that keeps on blooming, because of your full attention and reverence to life. The newly released Life-Cycle Ceremonies: A Handbook for Your Whole Life (now available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle e-book), is a compilation of ceremonies and rituals written by experienced Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® from all over the world, who share their wisdom along with some favorite rituals. It’s an excellent resource for those who want to better practice mindfulness in their day-to-day lives, for wellness, healthcare, and deathcare professionals, and for all lovers of life.

“We wanted to create a book that would both engage the reader and also be a kind of keepsake that readers could refer to over their lifetimes. So, we placed these truly transformative ceremonies into a DIY format, poured it all into Sarah Lemp’s gorgeous design. . . and the result was magic!”- Sheri Reda, co-editor

Ceremony and ritual are important. Renowned 19th Century Psychologist, Carl Jung, stressed the importance of ritual in his work, pointing out the necessity for humans to mark the milestones in their lives in an authentic way via observance of ceremonies and rites of passage. Ritual and ceremony make a deep impact in all of our lives – not only for “spiritual” people, but for everyone. Life-Cycle Ceremonies is a go-to, rite of passage handbook with genuine and meaningful ceremonies to enhance all experiences across the life-cycle.

Charlotte Eulette, International Director of the Celebrant Foundation & Institute and co-editor says: “This compendium of ceremonies contains pre-tested and approved methods for setting aside ‘ordinary time’ so we can sit, stand, walk, and dance in awareness. These Celebrants’ rituals show us how to honor moments, seasons, losses, and experiences that invite our full human interbeingness. Some of the rituals are designed for daily use, to support and sustain a personal practice. Others offer a way to witness personal transitions or honor natural cycles of birth, growth, death, and transformation. People can use these ceremonies as blueprints to follow step-by-step, or they can improvise upon them to create one-of-a-kind ceremonies with personal resonance. They can also use them as a guide to the rites they want to include in a Celebrant-led ceremony. These are boons we share with you as we all continue to journey toward wholeness.”

To order the book, please click here for the paperback edition  or here for the Kindle e-book.

Life-Cycle Ceremonies: A Handbook For Your Whole Life was featured on the Robin’s Nest television program. Click here to watch!

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What people are saying about Life-Cycle Ceremonies:

“What a graceful and useful book.  Each ritual is short, clear, and adaptable, and reading through them inspires me to live more on purpose and in the flow.  I love the range of purposes included in the book, from the simple beginning of a day telecommuting to a more elaborate Honoring of Veterans. The bonus is that you have contact information for each Celebrant represented.  A total joyful package.”Kate Munger, Founder of The Threshold Choir, California

“Wow…what a great compilation of fantastic ceremonies this is! Well done. I will personally use this book often and will happily promote it in my therapy practice and with colleagues.”Seanne Emerton, Life-Cycle Celebrant Wisdom Elder, Mosaic Life Care, Missouri

“This book is full of wonderful ways to combine simple materials and a little time to create extraordinary moments of reflection, connection, and meaning.”Stephen Kiesling, Editor-in-Chief, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Oregon

“A treasure trove of accessibly simple and meaningfully rich ceremonies that will deepen the lives of all who pause to contemplate and implement the ritual expressions generously offered in this collection. Our hurried world can disconnect us from such acts of intention and healing; these beautiful ceremonies help us bridge that gap.”Woody Winfree, Life-Cycle Celebrant and editor of the anthologies I Am Beautiful and We Are More Than Beautiful, Florida

About the Celebrant Foundation & Institute
The Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I) is the nation’s preeminent online educational institute that teaches and certifies people as modern day ritual and ceremony professionals called Life-Cycle Celebrants®. Founded in 2001, the educational nonprofit organization headquartered in Montclair, NJ, is a member of the International Federation of Celebrants. To date, CF&I has graduated more than 1000 Life-Cycle Celebrants® who preside over 30,000 ceremonies each year throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. The launch of this book comes at a particularly historic time: New Jersey has become the first state in the nation to allow Certified Civil Celebrants to legally solemnize marriages and civil unions. To learn more about CF&I, visit www.celebrantinstitute.org.