Add Weight to Your Organization – Retention Strategies that Work

Are you happy with your association’s retention results?  Getting businesses to join an association is only half the battle to building a healthy organization; keeping members is vitally important. 

In this economy it is more important than ever to retain every association membership that is viable.  It takes two new members to replace the growth rate of one lost membership.

Many associations send two or three invoices in the mail and then deactivate the members that do not renew.  Do the members that are slow to renew mean ‘no’ or ‘not now’?  It takes a experienced professional to help determine the difference.

The bottom line is that working in the trenches of member retention is very difficult.  Association Business Solutions offers:

•          Professionals with more than 30 years working in Association retention that understand methods to remind people why they joined your organization and the many benefits of membership.

•          A staff that is comfortable in dealing with all sizes of companies and understands the needs of small business and the corporate labyrinth equally as well.

•          An understanding of methods to illustrate Return on Investment and how membership positively impacts the day to day operations of member companies.

•          We collect, review and manage member feedback to give your organization the important information you need to consider for strategic planning.

Do you have members that are 60 days late or more in renewing their membership? We are successful in bringing these former members back into the fold, even during a recession.

Imagine sharing at your next board meeting that you brought a significant number of former members back to the association. And the resources it took to do so was minimal compared to the return. As you know, internal staff time is usually stretched and ABS’ outreach complements their work. 

ABS has the patience and persistence necessary to help you improve your association’s bottom line.  Let us help you cut the deadwood while recovering every dollar possible. 

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