ABS Sponsors The Rescue Mission of Trenton Annual Fundraiser

Ann Zawartkay and Rescue Mission Board Secretary Karla Pollack from ABS participated in The Rescue Mission of Trenton’s 18th Annual Adam Shanks Miniature Golf Tournament to support their only Annual Fundraiser. Event sponsors, volunteers, and community members connected with Mission staff and members of the Behavioral Health Center’s programs, having a great time, enjoying conversations and appetizers, and playing a fun round of miniature golf.

During this past year, The Mission has been able to provide hope and opportunities to the 1,415 individuals who knocked on the doors of their Shelter and Residential Behavioral Health Center – including warm meals, a safe place to sleep, medical care, behavioral health counseling, substance use treatment, vocational development, and assistance obtaining housing.

In addition, they opened a Food Pantry, a need that rose unmistakably from our community since the onset of the pandemic. And in less than a year, they have provided nutritious meals to over 11,000 individual family members.

Barrett Young, CEO of The Mission, said, “From time-to-time, during this past year, I’ve wondered what Adam Shanks, the former Chair of The Mission’s Board of Directors – who our fundraiser is named after – would be saying and doing during this pandemic. Adam used to say, ‘When there is something that needs to be done, we know it in our hearts. All it takes is doing it.’ Then, his hand would become a fist, as he added, ‘What’s right is right!’”