2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week


Global Entrepreneurship Week

November 18-24, 2013


Visit the GEW USA site:  https://us.unleashingideas.org/

Register as a partner of GEW,  the world’s biggest entrepreneurship movement.

Event details rolled out this week:

GEW will take place this year, November 18-24, 2013. Please registeras a partner if you have not already done so and visit our website to see all of the new updates. An important change to note is that your organization will not be listed as and ‘active’ GEW/USA partner in your community unless you have at least one event and/or activity registered on your partner profile.

To register activities, simply log in using your information and under the Manager Menu, select Create Activity. Your activity will be added to our website and you will be listed as an official partner.

We have also added Regional features to the website; each state will be listed and will have it’s own state page. By clicking on an individual state page, you will see registered partners in the area, different events that are planned, as well as pertinent news stories for that state and/or region. Partners in each state are encouraged to add their own news stories about GEW/USA plans to their appropriate state page.